Volunteers Needed: Mill Creek Middle School Engineering Day

Mill Creek Middle School in Kent is hosting Engineering Day on May 5th.

Students and teachers are excited to have engineers in their classrooms. Puget Sound ASHRAE will have a classroom with four different stations!

Students will be attending to one of five engineering classes (other four classrooms will be lead by UW researchers) instead of their normal science class period for the day. More details will be provided once available.

Each period is 50 minutes and we need volunteers to cover 4 stations. We will be covering 2nd – 6th periods (9:35 am – 3:30 pm) with a half hour lunch break.

  • 10 minute introduction
  • 8 minute time limit per station with 4 stations (Students will be going to all 4 stations, 32 minutes total)
  • 8 minute wrap-up and Q&A

Please contact Yoora at students@pugetsoundashrae.org to sign up to volunteer.

Minimum time commitment is one period (50 minutes).