2017-2018 RP Campaign

Since 1919, ASHRAE has supported research to improve the quality of life. ASHRAE Research impacts the industry by improving the way HVAC&R systems work, how they are applied and allow development of technical information to create standards and guidelines, which serve as the basis for testing and design practices around the world.

The Society funds thousands of projects addressing topics such as sound, duct design, the effect of oil in refrigerants, load calculations, thermal conductivity, simplified energy analysis procedures, weather data, refrigerant property data, fire and smoke control and solar design. The most significant ASHRAE research is in the areas of human comfort and the properties of materials and systems used in buildings and refrigeration systems.

All proceeds go towards ASHRAE Research.
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Puget Sound ASHRAE Research 2017-18 Contributions

GOAL : $30,600  |  Current : $ 9,150

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Research and Your Health

 Research in Your Workplace

ASHRAE Research is learning more about how commercial buildings can:

 At Home and At School

For more information please visit the ASHRAE Society’s Research Promotion website: https://www.ashrae.org/standards-research–technology/research

Puget Sound ASHRAE Research 2016-17 Contributions

Company Contributions ($28,124):

Alterton Controls – $10,000

Air Commodities – $750

Airtest Co. Inc. – $600

Mechanical Sales – Seattle – $550

Cole Industrial Incorporated – $500

C M Hoskins Company -$500

Johnson-Barrow Incorporated – $500

Thermal Supply Company – Seattle – $500

Trane – Seattle – $500

Hargis Engineers – $500

ATS Automation – $500

Coffman Engineers Incorporated – Seattle – $500

Genesco Incorporated – $500

In Control Inc. – $500

SMACNA – Western Washington – $500

Unit Process Company – $500

Siemens – $500

Belimo Aircontrols (USA) – $500

Rushing Co. – $500

Shoemaker Manufacturing – $500

Richard Stern Memorial – $457.50

Franklin Engineering – $300

McKinstry Co. – $50

Member Contributions ($5,263):

Mr John F Bergo

Mr Clifford S Chamberlain, PE

Mr Regan M Corwin, PE

Mr Robert O Dorse

Mr M David Gardner, PE

Mr John F Hogan, PE

Mr Erling J Olsen, PE

Mr James J Pechan

Mr Thomas E Pressler, PE

Mr Earl W Tidball, EIT

Mr Arthur S Yorozu, PE

Mr James R Luddon, Jr, PE

Mr Douglas J Moore, PE

Mr Dennis L Heller

Mr Scott D Thomson, PE

Mr Jeff Sloan

Mr Israel Gaphni

Mr Scott T Sherman

Mr Richard E Peters, PE

Mr Peter J Hemmen, PE

Ms Holly Robinson Townes, PE

Ms Leslie A Jonsson

Mr Fred Urben

Mr David A Osborne

Mr Sean M Riley

Mr James D Sinclair

Mr Javier Dominguez

Mrs Tiffany J Zimmer-Rourke

Ms Kathi Shoemake, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Mr Tamas Bencsik, PE

Mr David Redding

Mr Brice Daniel Kosnik

Ms Carmen Cejudo

Mr Howard  S Reigh

Mr Matthew Darrell Parker