National Award Winners & Webcast Ideas

PS ASHRAE Members Win Society Awards!

We recently received word that three of the projects submitted from our Chapter for the ASHRAE Technology Awards have placed at the Society level!  Congratulations to our members!

  • First Place Industrial Facilities or Process: Sea-Tac Airport Pre-Conditioned Air Seattle, WA, Port of Seattle – Ken Arthur Warren
  • First Place Residential Category: Stack House Apartments Seattle, WA, Ecotope – Jonathan Heller
  • Second Place Residential Category: The Greenfire Campus Seattle, WA, WSP – Tom Marseille

With our chapter’s continued success at the Society level, I encourage everyone to start thinking of projects to submit so we can have an even stronger showing next year!  We will be asking for submissions at the start of the new year.

In addition to the ASHRAE Technology Awards there are several other ASHRAE Awards that you can submit on your own–conferences/honors–awards.


Tamás Bencsik



The ASHRAE Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) requests your help to choose a topic for the April 2017 Webcast. Please visit the link below to complete our short survey by November 13.

The listing below of prior ASHRAE webcast topics may be helpful.

  • 2003 – Homeland Securing for Buildings
  • 2004 – Mold in the Building Environment
  • 2005 – Sustainability and the Building Environment
  • 2006 – Multiple Benefits Solutions for Enhanced Building Security
  • 2007 – Indoor Environmental Design: Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems
  • 2008 – Integrated Building Design
  • 2009 – Clean, Lean, and Green: IAQ for Sustainable Buildings
  • 2010 – Right from the Start – Commissioning for High Performing Buildings
  • 2011 – Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • 2012 – Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
  • 2013 – Assessing Building Energy Performance
  • 2014 – Buildings in Balance: IEQ and Energy Efficiency
  • 2015 – New Tomorrow for Today’s Buildings: Existing Building Commissioning
  • 2016 – Making Net Zero Net Positive: Solving the Efficiency & Cost Paradox