Free Webinar: Seattle Plumbing Permit Plan Review Process

Minimum Plumbing Plan Review Requirements for New Construction over 3+ Stories

A Technical Activities Committee Special Event with 

The event took place at the Smart Building Center on January 30th. A special thanks to Steve Hart, Plumbing Plans Reviewer for a thorough presentation on what to expect with the new process.  Steve’s contact info and other resources are below the video.  Watch the presentation below (skip to the 30 second mark to start).


Additional Resources

Steven Hart, Plumbing Inspector
Environmental Health Services Division, Plumbing & Gas Piping Program
401 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1100
Seattle, WA 98104 – 1818
Fax: 206-296-0189



The PDF of Plumbing Plan Review Minimum Submittal Requirements is here:

Plumbing Plan Review - Minimum Submittal Requirements


The Alternate Matrial, Method or Modification Request Form is here: