Volunteer Opportunity: EWB-USA Kosovo Long-Term Position

Impact on EWB-USA’s Mission + Vision
This assignment will provide engineering assistance to the agricultural community in Kosovo.  Through these efforts, the efficiency and effectiveness of the agricultural producers and processors will improve, enhancing their economic potential.

Description + Responsibilities
This effort is funded by USAID under the Farmer to Farmer program and is the second ESC team of volunteers to work on this project.  The Team of two members will work closely with the USAID AGRO program in Kosovo that is being led by Tetra Tech.  The Team consisting of two members will be work out of the Tetra Tech office in Pristina, Kosovo for a 2-3 month assignments  working with local agricultural businesses.  Lodging will be at an apartment within walking distance to the office.  A daily stipend will be provided for food and incidentals. One round-trip airfare is also included.

Assignments include:


This includes providing evaluation, consultation, design, construction and operations engineering services to private post-harvest processing businesses of local agricultural produce.  The objective is to improve processing efficiency and meet higher EU standards in order to open new markets as well as extend penetration of existing markets to improve the economic viability one of the newest countries of the world.

  • Agricultural products include table grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, mushrooms, herbs, milk and some local, unique produce.
  • Post-harvest processing needs includes pre-cooling, cooling, rapid freezing, cold storage and facility operations.

Qualifications + Requirements

The candidate must have a minimum of 5 years of experience working in the agricultural and/or engineering sector.  Those with soft fruit cooling and freezing experience are preferred.  Those with farmer / agricultural experience are also preferred.  US Residency is required.

Financial Commitment
The Farmer to Farmer program will fund airfare for one, round trip flight per member.  Lodging and local transportation will also be provided. Volunteers will be expected to fund any personal costs beyond the $25/day stipend.

Time Commitment
Full-time engagement during field assignment.  5-10 days of preparation is anticipated prior to travel.

Commitment Duration
2-3 month assignment starting in mid-September.

Candidates for this and any Engineering Service Corps field assignment should plan to complete the half-day field security management course from RedR.

Apply Online: http://www.ewb-usa.org/job/kosovo-long-term-volunteer-description/


Project Location – Europe, Pristina, Kosovo