Support for New State Residential Energy Code for Clean and Healthy Buildings

ASHRAE Puget Sound Members,

The push to get heat pumps and more efficiency required in new construction continues. The Washington State Commercial Energy Code passed, now we need the Residential Code updated. Unlike the Commercial Code cities cannot pass a residential energy code only the state. The State Building Code Council (SBCC) is taking public comment until Oct. 14th on the proposed updates.

Out distinguished member Holly Townes has worked tirelessly on this effort and recently testified at the state building code council (SBCC).  We urge you to sign-on to the building industry professional support letter by Monday, October 10th to get new homes off of polluting natural gas for the health of residents and to meet our climate goals.

This opportunity only comes every 3 years and we have no time to waste on fighting climate change. As you know buildings are the second largest contributor to climate change in our state with most of this pollution coming from heating our space and water with gas. Transitioning to heat pumps is the most cost-effective way to reduce CO2 from buildings especially in states like WA that have largely clean electricity and are transitioning to a fully clean grid. The proposed code will require efficient electric heat pumps in most new homes and add the AC needed to mitigate the heat waves. Let’s build it right and not have the added expense of having to retrofit these homes later. The SBCC MEV TAG put a lot of time and thought into this effort now we need to get it over the finish line.

They have developed several letters (below) so if you know others in the building industry it would be great for you to pass this on urging them to sign. We encourage you to read through the material and sign the support letter applicable to you.

Links to Sign on Letter Forms:
• Building industry professionals:
• Health professionals:
• Affordable housing advocates:
• Equity and air quality advocates:
• Local elected leaders:
• General public support letter:

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