Stone34 Building Tour

To get the maximum advantages of a high performative building like Stone34 it is necessary a shavy facilities maintenance team and a willing tenant. I enjoyed the visit thoroughly and the knowledgeable team that look after the building. I was really impress with the sophistication of the mechanical systems and how all the equipment, boilers, heat recovery chillers, heat pumps, water heaters, etc. work in tandem under a sophisticated building management system to obtain the optimum efficiency. An the cooling towers operate without chemicals. Great example of a well designed, built, and operated High Performance Building.

Sádaba PE, CEng MCIBSE

Principal, Mechanical, Stantec Consulting Services Inc.

Being new to the MEP/HVAC/BMS industry, I found this tour to be fascinating. I’m impressed with the level of building automation technology that is currently available, and I like the idea of showing the building tenants/employees – in real time – the state of the building’s energy and water usage. I was amused with the artful way to manifest such metrics, as seen by the “Fissure” mechanized flowering display in the building’s lobby, as well as the graphical “dashboard” display in the common area of the building’s primary tenant. I was intrigued by the rainwater collection, treatment, and recycling system – in which the rain water is used for toilet flushing and building climate conditioning. Further intriguing was the non-recirculating duty of the main air handler unit, and the electric-regenerating elevator lift system.

Jason Rogers, Member