September President’s Message

Hello Fellow ASHRAE members!

I am really excited about this 2016-17 ASHRAE year. We have a lot of good programs for you and the Chapter’s Regional Conference (CRC) will be held in Bellevue in May.
My theme for this year is Shaping our ASHRAE Community of Tomorrow. Our chapter is 750+ members strong, spanning Centralia to Bellingham, from the sea to the Cascades. We are spread out! Our skills and knowledge base is also spread out.

I would like to make our Puget Sound chapter an accessible community of intellectual support and a resource for networking and learning. I hope attending a chapter meeting or technical program is easy for all members. This year I will work to bring meetings to our members in Tacoma and Bellingham, as well as provide access to ASHRAE webinars and educational sessions to our student chapters.
To accomplish this, I will need your help! Our member companies, vendors and local schools can help by hosting webinars and telecasts of chapter meetings. We can be a virtual community in our region! With volunteers in Tacoma, Bellingham, Bellevue, and Bremerton we can have program committees arranging their own local ASHRAE meetings with a combined theme and the resources of the Puget Sound board.
Speaking of the Board and Committees; all our volunteers have been working hard to make gathering our community easier.
  • We’ve got an excellent lineup of meeting topics at our new location downtown at Motif.  Check out our Events Calendar and get a 12.5% discount by purchasing a block of tickets for this year’s meetings.
  • Our membership continues to grow thanks to our Membership Promotion committee.  Stay tuned for a special invitation only event coming soon!
  • Our website is constantly improved and updated by our Communications Committee. Send suggestions to
  • Our members’ outstanding technical accomplishments winning Society Awards has meant we need to strengthen our Awards and Nominations Committee to keep our streak going.
  • The May Region XI Chapter Regional Conference is going to be a blast thanks to our CRC Committee.
  • Our Student Activities Committee awarded four scholarships last year.
  • The Young Engineers of ASHRAE has connected dozens of young members to our local member firms.
We have several committees that could use your help. to join one of our committees and help our chapter work for you.
Be sure to join us for our first FREE meeting on September 1st, at Facebook’s new SLU offices.
Let’s have a great 2016-17 ASHRAE year!

Kathi Shoemake, PE, LEED AP BD+C