Oct. 14 meeting set for State Building Code Council

Council to hold public hearings, consider proposing updates to state rules that guide how amendments to state building codes are considered

The Washington State Building Code Council will consider submitting proposed changes to its state rules, Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 51-04, to the state Code Reviser during its Oct. 14 meeting.

Following a filing, a formal public comment period on the proposed rule update begins, including a public hearing. If submittal to the Code Reviser is approved, the Council will also consider a public hearing date.

Also during the Oct. 14 meeting, the council will hold public hearings on the following topics:

  • The 2015 Washington State Energy Code
  • Building and Fire Code revisions related to marijuana extraction facilities and emergency voice alarms

Meeting information

State Building Code Council

  • Friday, Oct. 14, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Department of Enterprise Services, 1500 Jefferson St., Olympia, First Floor Presentation Room
  • See the meeting agenda for dial-in and WebEx options.
  • See additional meeting documents.
  • The meeting is open to the public.


Additional rule update information

The State Building Code Council is seeking to update its state rules, Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 51-04, to improve clarity on how and why amendments to state building codes are considered. Updating the rules also will help explain the Council’s obligation under state law – Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.27, also called the State Building Code Act. Learn more