McKinstry and Notkin to be awarded 1st annual Puget Sound ASHRAE Company Recognition Award



Membership Promotion Committee publicizes the aims, activities, achievements, and scientific and educational purposes of the Society to encourage qualified persons to apply for membership. The committee also monitors the Society’s membership demographics and, where appropriate, adjusts or creates programs to ensure that individuals from all demographic backgrounds are being equally attracted to ASHRAE.

ASHRAE Puget Sound chapter is proud of the many contributions its men and women have made on behalf of the Society and to our industry. ASHRAE Puget Sound chapter recognized the important roles that companies bring by supporting their talented employee to participate and be a part of ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter.

For the first annual award, ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter Membership and Award Committee recognized Notkin Mechanical Engineers and Mckinstry as the two companies that have the most significant participation of their employee as a member and contributes to Puget Sound ASHRAE in 2017. The award symbolized the appreciation of ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter to both companies.

Receiving the award for Mckinstry: Kristina Sing PE – Director of Engineering (Left) for McKinstry and Sean Riley PE– Principal (Right) for Notkin Mechanical Engineer receiving the award from Tiffany Rourke – President ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter 2017-2018.

The success of ASHRAE Puget Sound is depend on the support and participation of both individual and organization in this region, and with this award, we hope to encourage organizations in Puget Sound region to support the participation of their employee to be a part of the local chapter.

Andreas Winardi – ASHRAE Puget Sound Award Chair and Membership Promotion committee member