May 2016 President’s Message

As we closeout another Puget Sound ASHRAE Chapter year I would like to close with the way I started and reflect on our Chapter volunteerism. By the time you reach the Chapter President level you’ve really already done the harder parts of the chairs and are just a resource for everyone else. This year we have had absolutely amazing involvement from volunteers in our chapter and I find it only fitting for my final message as Chapter President to thank all those who made this year successful and I encourage everyone else to do the same. These people have brought a new life into our Chapter expanding our membership and programing, outreach to other organizations, engaging our YEA members as well as our Student branches. Although I’m sure this is not a complete list and I apologize if I missed anyone, thank you to all who made this year such a great success!


Tamás Bencsik

Committee Chairs

  • Alex Gramling – YEA Chair
  • Ron Wilkinson – YEA Co-Chair
  • Richard Doremus – Student Activities Chair
  • Yoora Byeon – Student Activities Co-Chair
  • Kristina Sing – Membership Promotion Co-Chair
  • David Derse – Membership Promotion Co-Chair
  • Seth Pike – History Chair
  • Brice Kosnik – TAC Chair


  • Todd Rowe
  • Ivi Gabales
  • Sean Riley
  • Andreas Winardi
  • Kersten Bjork
  • Bryan Morris
  • Dave Simpson
  • Austin Montgomery
  • Anthony Shdo
  • Shelly Weatherby
  • Stephen McLaughlin
  • William Justen
  • Dean Allen
  • Jim Brennan
  • Mitchell Swann
  • Pat Kelly
  • Eric Vander Mey
  • Michael Frank
  • Justin Heller
  • Brian Edwards
  • Buddy White
  • Anthony Bucknam
  • Won Seo
  • Aaron Adams
  • Blake Bjornson
  • David Redding
  • Mark Weber
  • Brian Wolford
  • Jim Sinclair


Board of Governors 2015-2016

  • Kathi Shoemake
  • Tiffany Rourke
  • Brice Kosnik
  • Carmen Cejudo
  • Valerie Williams
  • Michel Sotura