January 30th – Seattle Plumbing Permit Review Process Training

Minimum Plumbing Plan Review Requirements for New Construction Over 3 Stories

Technical Activities Committee (TAC) Special Presentation with Public Health – Seattle & King County

Come learn about the newly implemented Minimum Plumbing Plan review requirements for commercial projects in the City of Seattle.  These upcoming changes will likely increase the plan review process times for your upcoming projects.  This in depth presentation will include a Question & Answer session.

Registration coming soon!  Check the Calendar for Details.

A draft version of the requirements can be viewed here: http://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/health/environmental-health/piping/~/media/depts/health/environmental-health/documents/plumbing/plumbing-plan-review-minimum-submittal-requirements.ashx

The WA State adopted plumbing code (2015 Uniform Plumbing Code) Section 113 requires a permit to be obtained from the Authority Having Jurisdiction prior to each installation, alteration, repair, replacement or remodel. Section 114 sets requirements for a permit application.  Subsection 4 states that a permit application to be “accompanied by plans, diagrams, computations and specifications, equipment schedules and other data as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.”  Public Health  – Seattle/King County  is the AHJ for the following:

  • Seattle
  • Unincorporated King County
  • Beaux Arts
  • Clyde Hill
  • Yarrow Point (plumbing only, no gas piping)

Speaker: Steve Hart is the Chief Plumbing Plans Reviewer or Public Health – Seattle/King County.