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IBC Code Lecture
Engineering professionals, equipment manufactures, equipment dealers and installing contractors all have exposure to risk and liability for every product in which they are involved.  By understanding the International Building Code (IBC) requirements for non-structural building components, you can help minimize your exposure to risk and liability.
The IBC Code has been adopted by every state in the country and is unlike previous building code.  Prior codes only concerned themselves with equipment attachment to building structures.  Equipment performance after a wind, snow, seismic or flood event was never properly considered.  The IBC code has specific requirements for proper attachment to the building structure for seismic and wind as well as requirements for the online and functioning of equipment and certain types of buildings after extreme environmental loading.
The presentation will give a broad overview of the code requirements for project engineers, installing contractors and code officials.
Presenter Bio:  Danielle Taylor, Sr. National Sales Manager with The VMC Group
As the National Sales Manager for The VMC Group, Mrs. Taylor is responsible for the business development for the commercial construction market.  She is responsible for developing and implementing plans to accomplish The VMD Group’s strategies, including market expansion.
In addition to her responsibilities as National Sales Manager, Danielle is a frequent lecturer for The VMC Group in seismic design and installation of the newly adopted building code in the US based on the IBC.  She has lectured throughout North America on regarding seismic design and seismic building codes.