Beyond BIM (3/4) – Construction

Event Details

Join us on November 28th to hear our expert panel discuss technology enabled productivity improvements during construction. Topics will include connecting the project schedule to the building model, geo-tagging project documents and the use of augmented reality at project sites. You will even get a behind the scenes look at what make venture-backed startups tick.

We will also have a brief discussion about next year’s program calendar and ways you can get involved with the Cascadia Seattle Community of Practice.


chenJacqueline Chen– Bentley Systems – 4D (3D BIM model integrated with time and schedule) is being carried out over the course of construction on projects around us. By visualizing the future, we can enable more effective construction collaboration to plan better, perform better and track better in the field. Jacqueline will use recent project examples to explain how this is achieved with a focus on 4D’s areas of value.




Brian Saab-Unearth Labs – It’s no secret every construction project is buried in thousands of documents and managing that information is difficult. Come learn how a fresh approach combined with new innovation is helping builders overcome this industry-wide pain so they can perform better, with fewer resources. Brian will take a pragmatic approach to exploring the innovation wave hitting the Construction Industry including sharing tips on sifting through new innovation and best practices for deploying new technology.


kinsmanMarc Kinsman – Mortenson – Marc will discuss the current state of Augmented Reality and it’s use on jobsites. Augmented Reality has many potential field uses, but often gets dismissed or ignored in favor of Virtual Reality. Marc will review where the technology is now, trends for the near future, and provide insights into how Mortenson is preparing for AR’s widespread adoption.



Doug MooreDoug Moore – McKinstry – Moderator – Doug Moore is president of McKinstry and will moderate the panel conversation. In his work, Doug is highly engaged in the significant disruption underway that is industrializing the design, delivery and operation of buildings. He refers to this disruption as Built Environment 2.0. One of Doug’s focus areas is forming strategic partnerships with technology startups to explore more efficient ways of servicing clients in the built environment.