Energy Program Manager

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Energy Program Manager

What you will be doing:
As the Energy Program Manager, you will provide leadership and management of the program responsible for providing Energy Savings Performance Contracting to state agencies, universities, colleges, public schools, municipalities and other government agencies. You will manage the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and standard project management practices and documents used in the implementation of energy projects to assure quality, consistency, and legal processes. You will also function as the agency’s technical expert on energy and sustainability issues.

Who we are looking for:
The ideal candidate:
-Will be an outstanding leader and effective manager. The Energy Program is made up of 10-15 professionally licensed engineers and project managers who directly represent DES and several other clients within other state agencies and the private industry. The program is seeking a leader who will listen, coach and mentor, support and protect their best interests, provide clear direction, and hold people accountable. The ideal candidate must be able to effectively assign and track work, monitor progress and workload, establish performance measures, write/update policies and procedures, set expectations and evaluate performance.

-Will have a strong background and expert knowledge in regional energy economics, energy engineering, resource conservation management and capital project management, and an ability to integrate the needs of the client into the planning, budgeting, design, and construction implementation of state owned buildings.

-Will be capable of making hard decisions. As the Energy Program Manager, you must be capable of making critical decisions and recommendations on energy efficiency projects that will be implemented at public facilities and agencies across the state as well as long-range strategic goals of the division.

-Must be an excellent communicator. This position must be able to analyze and understand complex technical issues, and communicate the key concepts, legal obligations and alternatives to non-technical staff and decision makers. Further, negotiation and communication skills are required in interfacing with senior level management, building officials, regulatory agencies, legislative staff, and the news media.

-Must be able to make revenue and expense projections and be able to manage expenses within the available funds, while maintaining sufficient project management capacity to earn those funds. The Energy Program is financially self-sustaining through fees charged for services.