December President’s Message

TamasI hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Just a friendly reminder that our Chapter lunch meeting will be this Wednesday December 2nd back at the Rock Bottom.  This is a joint event with ASHRAEs partner organization IAQA.

I’d like to use my President’s message this month to focus on ASHRAE Research.  Every year someone from the region or society comes around and shows us all an ASHRAE manual with the text blacked out to point out what our techincal world would be without our support of ASHRAE Research.  As much as I appreciate that presentation I’ve always felt is was a little lacking and wondered what are the funds I contribute being spent on today?  I did a little digging and thought I’d highlight a few research projects:

  • Relate air quality and other factors to comfort and health related symptoms reported by passengers and crew on commercial transport aircraft
  • Establishing benchmark levels and patterns of commercial buildings hot water use
  • CHP Design Guide – Update to the 1996 Cogeneration Design Guide
  • Demand controlled filtration for cleanrooms
  • Design and utilization of thermal energy storage to increase the ability of power systems to support renewable energy sources
  • Testing and modeling energy performance of active chilled beam systems
  • Guide for sustainable refrigerated facilities and refrigeration systems
  • Low energy LED lighting heat gain distribution in buildings
  • Update climate design data in chapter 14 of the 2017 handbook of fundamentals
  • Development of the ASHRAE design guide for dedicated outdoor-air systems

Now this is only a brief list of all the recently completed/ongoing research projects funded by our contributions.  If you are interested in learning more about any of these projects or find out what else is being studied you can do so here:–technology/ashrae-rp

I would like to challenge to our members to donate $5 each to ASHRAE Research this year. 

The Puget Sound Chapter is currently standing at just over 800 total members so that’s a solid $4,000 to research that really does benefit us all.



Puget Sound ASHRAE Research 2014-15 Contributions

Company Contributions ($11,850):

Alterton Controls – $10,000

SMACNA – Western Washington – $500

Thermal Supply – Seattle – $500

Dorse Company – $150

Franklin Engineering – $300

SSA Acoustics – $150

Airefco – $250

Member Contributions ($5,263):

James D. Sinclair

James J Pechan

Tamás Bencsik

Dean R Heerwagen

Michael N. Otani

David Redding

Michel Sotura

Arthur S. Yorozu

Carmen Cejudo

Kathi Shoemake

Erling J. Olsen

Joel K. Jackman

John F. Hogan

David A. Osborne

Alan M. Burt

Richard D. Kunkle

Leslie A. Jonsson

Holly R. Townes

Rand N. Conger

Tiffany J. Rourke

Robert O. Dorse

Matthew D. Parker

James R. Luddon, Jr

Brian Haugk

Peter J. Hemmen

Seth S. Pike

Robert E. Danforth, Jr

Brian C. Emtman

Kenneth A. Pinchiff

Fred Urben

This in addition to the funds raised through the Annual ASHRAE Field Day Golf Event which last year raised over $5,000!