Clean Energy Technology Program at Shoreline Community College

A 2-year, technical, associates degree program that has the support of the Puget Sound chapter and many of its members is the Clean Energy Technology program at Shoreline Community College.

According to its website, the CET program, “prepares graduates with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for careers in firms that manage, design, build, market or operate clean energy technologies in the built environment. The program focuses on clean energy technologies and practices that can achieve (or approach) “Net Zero Energy” in buildings”.

As many of us know, Net Zero Energy, is likely to be the next transformation change in our industry. These types of programs is one part of the pipeline for new people joining our industry.

At Shoreline, CET has several concentrations, these are:

  • Foundations of Energy
  • High Performing Building and Systems
  • Renewables

Courses include, Calculations for Energy Technologies – a loads and building science class,  Large Building Systems Technology – a systems classs, Large Building Methods and Measurements of Energy – an assessment class, Virtual Design – a BIM class, and quite a bit more.

There are many more course offerings on energy, systems, and renewable energy, mostly focusing on Solar PV.  Unlike many 2-year programs this program focuses beyond CAD, BIM or even HVAC. Instead, it includes all of those topics and frames it into a whole-systems approach.

In any case, if you are interested in finding out more, take a look at the website.

If there are any questions, or you’d like to find out more, please contact Louise Petruzzella at Shoreline Community College, she can be reached at

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