ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter Trivia Night


‘All of our ducts in a row’, ‘It’s not BTU.. it’s me’, ‘Heaters gonna heat, heat, heat, heat, heat’, ‘Freeze a jolly good fellow’. Those are just a sampling of the clever team names that the participants concocted during our recent ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter Trivia event. The Trivia Night was put on by the Membership Promotion Committee in conjunction with the Young Engineers in ASHRAE and the Student Activities program.

Around fifty participants arrived at the Pyramid Ale house on Thursday, September 14 to socialize, network, eat, drink, learn about ASHRAE and play Trivia. Host for the evening was Chris Stuvek, Marketing Professional at Sazan Group, who composed all the questions, acted as MC and provided the music and sound system for the evening. Twelve teams tried their best to jointly answer such questions as: “Name the first four elements in the Periodic Table?”, “What Holiday falls on April 22?”, and “Who are the artists behind such songs as ‘Stone Cold Crazy’, ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘Hot N Cold’?” The teams also struggled to try to identify enlarged snippets of twenty-five company logos.

In between rounds, Kerstin Bjork and Bryan Morris of the Membership Promotion Committee, Ty Wasserman of the YEA Committee and Yoora Beyon, Student Activities Chair informed the participants of the many benefits of being an ASHRAE member, joining the ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter, and becoming actively involved in our Puget Sound Chapter.

The top three teams won prizes for their efforts, as did the team with the most clever team name. But a general raffle ensured that all participants, at least, had a chance of going home with a consolation door prize. This was the second time we had an ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter trivia night, and just like last year, everyone enjoyed the evening, met new people, and learned a thing or two about ASHRAE as well as some general trivia…Martin Van Buren is the only US President with a last name consisting of two words and DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

A big shout-out and round of applauds go to our corporate sponsors that ensured we could provide this activity free to our members as well as prospective new member. If you see them, please express your personal gratitude to the leadership and staff at the Trane Company, the Sazan Group, and InControl. Another round of applauds to Chris for volunteering his time and talent yet again.

If you could not participate in Trivia, there will be another Membership Promotion event in the spring…please stay tuned for more information. And who knows, perhaps ASHRAE Trivia Night will become a yearly feature!