April 3, 1969

This history of the Puget Sound Chapter of American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineeers has been written by Committee appointed by Roderick R. Kirkwood – the 1962-63 Chapter President. The Committee was made up of four former Chapter Presidents as listed below, two from each of the merged predecessor groups. Ernie Weber wrote the Ancient History, Clarence Pangborn the ASHVE History, Carl Anderson the ASRE History, and Charlie Hall the ASHRAE History. Thus each protion of the history has been presented by participating contemporary.

It is fitting and proper that a brief resume of the trials and tribulations of a gorup still vigourous after 35 years of existence should be reocrded by those who have been privelaged to share in its growth, and that honor should be paid to those who have so richly contributed to that growth.

Carl Anderson, ASHVE & ASRE
Charles L. Hall, ASRE
Clarence A. Pangborn, ASHVE

 The current BOG encourages our members to take this historical commentary in the context of the times