2024 ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter Scholarship and Harry Clayton Sutch Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the Harry Clayton Sutch Scholarship and the Puget Sound Chapter Scholarships!

These scholarships were awarded to students who exemplified excellence across multiple facets. Their outstanding academic performance demonstrated a strong commitment to learning and a deep understanding of the HVAC&R field. Additionally, their essay responses showcased thoughtful insights, innovative ideas, and a genuine passion for advancing the industry as well as sustainability. Moreover, their active involvement in ASHRAE demonstrated leadership, dedication, and a desire to contribute to the community. Together, these qualities set them apart as deserving recipients of the scholarships, poised to make significant contributions to the field of HVAC&R in the future.

Harry Clayton Sutch Scholarship – $3000

Tyler Kleinsasser, South Dakota School of Mines – Masters in Engineering and Engineering Management

Puget Sound Chapter Scholarships – $2000 each

  • Max Stafford, University of Washington – B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Carmen Anderson, University of Washington – B.S. in Mechanical Engineering