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This presentation will provide an overview of the new Seattle Building Tune-Ups ordinance and the Accelerator Program.

The Seattle Building Tune-Ups mandate phases in a periodic tune-up requirement for nonresidential buildings 50,000 square feet or larger (excluding parking), beginning in 2018, with buildings 200,000 square feet or greater due first. Tune-ups aim to optimize energy and water performance by identifying no- or low-cost actions related to building operations and maintenance, focusing on actions that typically pay back within 3 years and generate 10-15% in energy savings, on average. The legislation is a key piece of Seattle's Climate Action Plan, our  city's roadmap to achieving carbon-neutrality, by helping ensure buildings don't use energy and water wastefully. The Building Tune-Ups Ordinance was adopted in March 2016, and it authorized the Director of the Office of Sustainability & Environment (OSE) to develop Rules that further detail compliance specifications. OSE Director's Rule 2016-01 specifies requirements for the following: buildings and spaces subject to the requirement; requirements for tune-up assessments, corrective actions, and reporting; requirements for compliance extensions and exemptions; and qualifications for tune-up specialists.

Accelerator Program

The City of Seattle is recruiting up to 100 buildings 100,000 SF or less to jump start tune-ups by participating in the Building Tune-Up Accelerator Program. Benefits include enhanced technical support and Seattle City Light financial incentives of up to $0.12 per square foot to complete a tune-up early that meets the City requirement. The incentive is estimated to cover at least 50% of the typical cost of a tune-up. In most cases, the simple payback from the electric energy savings alone would be 1.5 years.  By participating in the Accelerator program and successfully completing the Basic Tune-Up by June 2019 (or sooner) you can meet your building's first mandated tune-up, reduce costs and enjoy the benefits and comfort of a freshly-tuned building!

These incentives won't be available after the tune-up requirement is fully implemented, so come to the meeting to find out how to take advantage of the incentives before they disappear.


Rebecca Baker, Strategic Advisor, Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment Nicole Ballinger, Building Tune-Up Accelerator Program Manager at City of Seattle