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2018 ASHRAE Webcast

Brought to you by the ASHRAE Chapter Technology Transfer Committee

Is advanced technology alone solving the case for energy efficiency? Delivering meaningful energy efficiency in buildings often requires debunking myths about building products, performance and solutions. This webcast will focus on strategies and policies that dive into deep efficiency goals.

Join us for a live viewing of the ASHRAE Webcast, “Making Energy Efficiency a Reality” at Motif in downtown Seattle!   Pastries and Coffee provided for the first session.  Lunch provided during the break.

Featured ASHRAE speakers will address myths and realities they’ve discovered through real life experiences. Viewers will learn how a practical design approach can help achieve optimum energy performance in commercial and high-rise residential buildings across the globe. With varying climates and economies, one must consider a holistic approach when assessing a building and its systems.

Attend this FREE Webcast event and you may be awarded 3 Professional Development Hours (PDHs), 3 American Institute of Architects Learning Units (LUs/HSWs), or 3 GBCI Continuing Education Hours (CEs).

Learn more and register at www.ashrae.org/webcast. #ASHRAEWebcast Webcast Flyer 2018