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As of July 1st of this year, the 2015 WSEC now requires that the delivery of ventilation air be decoupled from space conditioning so that the heating and cooling systems may be shut off when the design room air temperature is satisfied (no call for heating or cooling). This requirement applies to areas within buildings that are for office, retail and educational use, and to all occupied areas within libraries and fire stations. The concept of utilizing a dedicated outside air system (DOAS) is not new, and there are many examples that demonstrate the fan energy saving potential of this strategy. However, what is new is that this is now a Code requirement unique to WA State and it is being considered for other states. In response, ASHRAE recently published a DOAS design guide and a similar resource specific to the requirements in the WSEC is in development.

WSEC experts from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council and other industry experts involved with design and Code development will provide a summary of these new requirements and answer your specific questions.

Submit your questions here: DOAS Question Form

See the ASHRAE DOAS Design Guideline here:–publications/bookstore/ashrae-design-guide-for-dedicated-outdoor-air-systems-doas